Our Purpose

We continue to grow our network with the best in-class experts from around the world.

The drivers of poor nutrition are ever changing – people, cultures, food choices, social norms, business actions, national systems and even our global governance structures do not stay the same. Without innovation, responses will not adapt, needs will not be met, and poor nutrition outcomes will not improve.

Our Expertise

We are a global network of professionals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets. We share a common desire to find scalable solutions to some of the world’s toughest challenges. Read our core capacity statement.

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An Action Agenda for a Nourished World

Our Action Agenda for women and girls is designed to accelerate country and global action so that women and girls can afford and access the nutritious food that they deserve. We want to see governments, funders, and multilaterals direct much more funding towards investments that generate gender equity, protect our climate, and safeguard good nutrition.

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