The Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) & Social Media Toolkit

The GDQS is the first diet quality metric validated for global use and designed to reflect overall diet quality1, 2. The GDQS offers policymakers, program designers, researchers, and others a method to understand what people eat, especially in a context where diets everywhere are changing rapidly with the increased consumption of highly processed, energy-dense foods. An easy-to-use app has also been developed to facilitate the collection of GDQS data in population-based surveys.

Intake has developed a GDQS Toolkit to aid decision makers, government workers, innovators, researchers, and anyone working in public policy to better understand the importance of dietary data, and to determine if the GDQS metric and the GDQS app suit the data needs in their context.

We welcome your involvement to help promote the uptake and use of the Global Diet Quality Score (GDQS) metric and app through your engagement with this Social Media Toolkit.

The Social Media Toolkit provides a variety of customizable graphics, hashtags, and messages that can be shared on social media platforms, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, to help raise awareness about the importance of diet quality, the need to collect data on what people are eating, and how GDQS data can be used to inform programs and policies designed to improve diet quality. Advocates and users of the GDQS metric and the app are invited to use and adapt messages from this Social Media Toolkit to further encourage the collection and use of diet-quality data.

Access the GDQS Social Media Toolkit here.

1. Miller et al. (2020). Defining diet quality: a synthesis of dietary quality metrics and their validity for the double burden of malnutrition.
2. The GDQS was released in 2021 after Miller et al. (2020) were unable to identify a single diet quality metric that addressed the double
burden of malnutrition.