FHI solutions strives for a world where optimal nutrition is a birth right. We want to see everyone reach their highest, greatest potential.

We focus on positive change for nutrition through action, learning, and sharing.

As a member of the FHI 360 family, we are an international non-profit and impact network with experts in social behaviour change, data for decision making, technical innovations, advocacy, and sustainable development – working for a world with optimal nutrition for everyone.

Specializing in innovation management, we strive to bridge health and nutrition sectors with those working in social impact.

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Action Areas

Join us in Closing The Gender Nutrition Gap.

Across our programmes, countries, and global community we put people first. This means listening to what people need and understanding how culture and language shape outlooks. We are willing to change course, we strive to be compassionate, and we keep an optimistic outlook. When a person is well nourished, she is better equipped to become who she wants to be. Good nutrition for one person can impact the whole community.

We innovate to find, test, adapt and scale solutions for some of the most pressing problems relating to global malnutrition.

We are spearheading a global campaign and policy framework to close the Gender Nutrition Gap.

We are working to innovate climate smart solutions across national systems with a focus on achieving gender equity.

Maheder Haileselassie Tadese, Getty Images/Images of Empowerment

Our mission is to find root cause solutions to system wide challenges.

Our impact network

Our impact network is designed to spread information and learning, challenge power imbalances, and take action towards improving nutrition for everyone. We believe that locally driven solutions have the power to change the way sustainable development is done.

FHI Solutions is home to three networks, operating through country and global efforts:

Alive and Thrive

Nourish, nurture,
and grow

Intake. Center for Dietary Assessment

Ensuring the potential for healthy diets for all

Thousand Days

Fighting for moms and babies everywhere

Our Story

Over the years, we have implemented projects or provided technical assistance in seventeen countries across Africa and Asia. FHI 360’s technical and geographical footprint has allowed us to sustainably grow our network. Today, we are especially committed to supporting women and girls so that everybody has a voice in their country’s development.

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COVID-19 response

Across our programmes and in our advocacy efforts, we are collaborating with partners to respond to challenges brought about by COVID-19. Together, we are working to safeguard good nutrition.

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