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Our unique approach to improving nutrition saves lives, ensuring a healthier, more productive and secure world. We work with select partners to create evidence-based, scalable solutions informed by the highest quality data, which leads to improved nutrition and outcomes in communities around the world.


FHI Solutions, a subsidiary of FHI 360, is an international nonprofit with a longstanding and proven track record improving global nutrition through innovative, evidence-based and scalable approaches. We collaborate with a wide array of best-in-class global actors, ensuring people around the world have the nutrition they need to lead healthy, happy and productive lives. Currently supported by two centers of excellence, Alive & Thrive and Intake, these initiatives will be joined by the newly acquired 1,000 Days.


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Our current portfolio includes work in Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Kenya, Laos, Madagascar, Myanmar, Niger, Nigeria, the Philippines, Senegal, Thailand, Vietnam and Zambia.

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