Global Trends

The world is at a turning point. We need collaboration, solutions, and action more than ever.

At FHI Solutions, we are mindful that the unacceptable trajectories of certain global trends do not need to be inevitable. We have the evidence, data, and tools to forge a different path. Climate change, equality for women and girls, the heritage and profound wisdom of indigenous cultures – these issues may not seem connected but are inherently interwoven in global development. It is time to do global development differently.

The State of Global Malnutrition

Globally, one in three of us have at least one form of malnutrition. Yet, we are living in a world where information and innovations have never evolved more rapidly. It is time to make nutrition count.

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Women’s and Girls’ Nutrition

Women and girls experience higher levels of malnutrition than men and boys. We are talking about matters of equity.

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Climate Crisis

The food system is the single biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions – improving nutrition requires actions to make our food system more just and sustainable.

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COVID-19 and Conflict

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to exacerbate gender inequities and the root causes of malnutrition, pushing more people into all forms of malnutrition.

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