FHI Solutions leadership team comprises technical nutrition experts with decades of experience working across sectors to strengthen national systems.
Nadra Franklin

Managing Director, FHI Solutions

I have a natural propensity towards positive change, and from a young age, I have been drawn towards a pursuit for social change and impact. Understanding my own privileges has driven me to look at issues of equity and access to resources for others and to better understand how forces – such as politics, culture, language and science, shape inequity.

Before becoming Managing Director for FHI Solitons, I led FHI 360’s work in global education, employment, and engagement (G3E), and social and economic development (SED), overseeing research and technical work, and cultivating new business for projects and programs. I began my career at FHI 30 working on impact and process assessments for a large-scale nutrition program and later, across multiple disciplines. During this time, I cultivated an appreciation for shared risk and reward, and this is something that underlies both my management style and how I oversee innovation at FHI Solutions. Over the years, I have learned to see sparks of change, facilitating, and encouraging the implementation of ideas.

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My first job was for Africare, an INGO that was started in 1971 by African Americans and Africans to respond to the then-draught in the Sahel. At Africare, I worked first in their public engagement and education team before transitioning to support program implementation in West Africa.

I studied political science at Williams College and spent my junior year at the American University in Cairo. I also studied public health at the University of Michigan and demography at the University of Pennsylvania. This combination of disciplines has taught me to appreciate the value of different, interconnected world views.

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Megan Deitchler

Director, Intake Center of Dietary Assessment

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Sandy Remancus

Director, Alive & Thrive

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Blythe Thomas

Director, 1,000 Days

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Binu Anand

Country Director, Alive & Thrive India

Thomas Forissier

Regional Director, Alive & Thrive South Asia

Roger Mathisen

Regional Director, Alive & Thrive East Asia Pacific

Victor Ogbodo

Country Director, Alive & Thrive Nigeria

Abdulaziz Oumer

Country Director, Alive & Thrive Ethiopia

Tina Sanghvi

Senior Maternal, Infant and Young Child Technical Advisor, Alive & Thrive